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As the demand for the life-saving plasma used in pharmaceutical manufacturing continues to grow, the regulatory requirements for plasma collection are stringent and costs are increasing. As plasma collectors work to address these challenges, they are simultaneously trying to improve operational economics, as well as enhance the donor experience. Working with Haemonetics provides you and your staff with a one-stop shopping solution that includes:

  • Systems-based approach to product design that helps to ensure product components (including the PCS®2 device, software, and disposable kits) work together.
  • Rigorous and extensive testing of components as part of an overall collection system, rather than each component as a stand-alone piece, helps us build better systems and eliminates safety issues.
  • Adherence to global regulatory bodies and quality systems helps to ensure the safety of our products.
  • Better donor experience that helps to reduce times as evidenced by more than five million procedures using our EXPRESS® software. 
  • Business continuity model built on a worldwide distribution network with manufacturing in multiple factories, with multiple sources for components, and multiple distribution facilities, helps to ensure we can meet your high product demands.
  • Multi-sourcing approach helps reduce the risk of a disruption in service, which means you can count on our robust continuity planning and execution model to meet your needs.

Our broad range of products and services, including whole blood technologies, make us the partner of choice for plasma collectors. Access these resources to learn more.

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